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Smart Binaural Bracelet Wireless Bluetooth Headset 2-in-1

Smart Binaural Bracelet Wireless Bluetooth Headset 2-in-1

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【2 in 1 Smart Watch Bluetooth earbuds】
One device two functions, a new experience of smart wearable devices; Takes the earphone out of the watch compartment and touches the surface of the earphone to boot up for quick and easy pairing. Perfect for Christmas gift, Birthday, Thanksgiving,hiking,walking, running and so on.
The bracelet APP supports multi-language, magnetic charging, safe and stable charging, non-destructive charging excuses, no damage to the built-in battery. TWS Bluetooth headset, ergonomic long wear painless, built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, HIFI level HD sound quality, touch sensor, for Siri's voice wake up.

Instruction for the use of Bluetooth headset:
A: Headphone Pairing
1, Headphone pairing: remove the headset from the ring host, have a boot tone, turn on Bluetooth in the phone setting, find the corresponding Bluetooth(T89L), and pair the connection,(the headset has been connected before factory). After the pairing is done, only the name of the main Bluetooth is displayed, with "L"). After the pairing is successful, the "connected" is seen in the setting, indicating that the smart bracelet connection is successful.
2, After the headphone pairing is successful, return to the bracelet host, and then remove the year from the bracelet host to automatically boot and automatically connect.
3, If the earphone is disconnected from the phone or the earphone is not connected, the phone needs to be reconnected to Bluetooth. Clear the previously connected Bluetooth model in the Bluetooth setting of the mobile phone, and then search the connection of the Bluetooth model.
1>Turn of both headphones at the same time.
2>Turn on both headphones at the same time and don't let your hands go until the red and blue lights on the indicator light of the two headphones flicker alternately, then release your hand at the same time. quick-sync press two headphones six times and the two headphones will turn off automatically.

Screen size: 1.14
How to wear: Wrist strap
Operation mode: touch type
Interface: USB 3.0
Wireless distance: 5m(inclusive)-10m(inclusive)
Communication features: Support
The material of wristband: TPU
Color: Blue, black, gold
Features: Video and audio entertainment, step counting, calling, social entertainment, intelligent reminder, remote selfie, health monitoring, information push, sleep analysis

Package Content:
1 x Bluetooth Earphones & Smart Watch

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